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Dogsledding Guide for Luleå

A sense of freedom will overcome you as you hear the soft pad of paws on the snow and the sound of the sled running across the frozen path.

Brace yourself as you navigate the trail through the winter scenery and feel the exhilaration of one of our fantastic dog sledding tours in Luleå. 

A dogsledding tour in Swedish Lapland is a unique experience. Not only will you fall in love with the dogs and their love of running but also the meeting with kennel owners. Running a dogsledding kennel is a passion and a way of life and the mushers will amaze you with their work with the dogs and how they treat them like members of the family.

The beauty of huskies is their love of cold weather and deep snow. They are from the arctic and they love this climate and all that entails. Winter is their happy time of year. You will also be amazed by their strength and their willingness to pull the sled at a brisk pace in the snowy landscape. The crisp climate and stunning surroundings will give you a thrill never to be forgotten.

On our dogsled tours, you will likely experience frozen lakes and rivers as well as snow-laden forests. On the way, we might even see wildlife such as reindeer or moose or one of our many varieties of forest birds.

Together with your highly skilled guide and well-trained friendly Alaskan Husky dogs you will enjoy a high-quality and unforgettable nature experience!

No matter which activity you choose, you will have a wonderful experience exploring the nature of Luleå by dog sled.

Dogsledding Activity options in Luleå

Dogsled tour - sit on the sled
On a dogsled tour where you sit on the sled, and have a guide/musher driving, you can sit back and relax and watch our beautiful winter nature pass you by. Normally you will sit with 2, 3, or 4 other people on the dogsled with the guide/musher standing behind you driving. 

This type of dog sled experience is recommended for people who want to experience nature and dogsledding in comfort and want to relax without too much physical effort. You will need to hang on though as your guide chats while the sled races through the winter forest.

Dogsled tour - drive your own
Our most popular adventure – driving a team of enthusiastic and friendly dogs through the snow-blanketed forest. There will, of course, be a safety briefing and instructions. On the self drive tour you will sit two people on a sled, and at regular stops, you will have the option to change places and thus take turns driving.

On the trail the dogsled guide will lead you with their sled and dog team. During regular stops will tell stories and give you great insights into our winter nature.

Dogsled Northern Lights tour
A wonderful combination of our two favorite past times, dogsledding and looking for the northern lights. Our headlamps will light the way as you drive your team of huskies. Follow the guides sled-team, through the night along clear trails. You will be two people per sled, one sitting and northern lights spotting and one standing and driving. At regular stops, you will have the opportunity to change places.

Half-day dog-sled tours
Some of our partners offer longer half-day and even overnight dogsledding tours. We recommend you contact us directly regarding these so that we can help you prepare an itinerary that will enable you to experience a great deal more of the beautiful nature of Luleå and Swedish Lapland.

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